Tatami is Elothia software dedicated to water-heated radiant floors.
It operates entirely in Visual mode.

See the demo

It is extremely comfortable to work with

Tatami enables work to be carried out in any digital format (.jpg, .bmp, .pdf, .dwg/.dxf).
The calculations are carried out in accordance with standard EN 1264.

The software also provides you with decision-making help every step of the way (layout interval, start temperature) using tables and full graphics. In order to boost your productivity, Tatami also offers design features specific to your sector and the software’s automatic functions can have their parameters adjusted in order to handle all your special cases.

The printed documents are high-quality, and fully parameterisable, featuring a cover page with your logo, the costing, calculations details, a summary, and a full or partial layout plan, either to scale or not, as the case may be.
And to support you with your international development, Tatami is also available in various Western languages and manages various types of currencies!

Calculating and costing power

Tatami manages absolutely all the calculation parameters (floor structure, layout systems, manifolds, connections, etc.) and can be adapted to all layout methods: peripheral zones, mixed intervals, circuits in series, etc. The software also provides an accurate heat balance for rooms heated exclusively by pipes passing through them.

For costing purposes, Tatami integrates each component forming part of your pricing: the capping, the layout system (single or multiple), materials and accessories (per circuit, per m², per linear metre, etc.). Tatami is designed to adapt to all your pricing details.